How to backup the GNOME 3 settings

Backing up and restoring your GNOME 3 settings is easy using the command line tool dconf: dconf dump / > dconf.dump dconf load / < dconf.dump »

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Sorted, DRY and safe upload paths for Django's FileField

Following is a simple function I like to use as argument to the upload_to of Django's FileField and ImageField. Hope you find it useful. # src/ »

Emacs Tip: cursor blinking for a short period just to show where you are

Yes, I know, having the cursor blinking always is quite annoying but if you are myopic like me you might find the new option blink-cursor-blinks very »

How-to update the Thinkpad x201 BIOS using GRUB and SysLinux

Note: tested only in Debian Wheezy GNU/Linux (BIOS images for Thinkpad X201 can be found in aptitude install grub-imageboot mkdir -p »

How to "expand" an alias command in Bash

If you use Bash as your Unix shell you might find this tip interesting: Lets say you have set the following alias: alias install='sudo aptitude »

Liquid Prompt: a useful prompt for Bash (and Zsh)

I've been using Liquid Prompt, it made me deprecate a huge amount of code in my .bashrc and have added more useful features on my PS1 »

Caching packages downloaded by "pip"

Downloading Python packages using the pip installer can be a pain in the ass mainly when you have to install the same packages in distinct "virtualenvs" »

trash-cli: command line trashcan utility

trash-cli provides a command line interface trashcan utility compliant with the Trash Specification. It remembers the name, original path, deletion date, and permissions of »